Bombardier Transportation continues to streamline development processes

Bombardier Transportation is a global mobility solutions provider located in Hennigsdorf, Germany. This organization is responsible for the production of mainline and metro projects as well as design validation.Their passenger trains are manufactured with plants located around the world - making them a global leader in the mobility industry.

With goals of supporting digital inventory and the production of large certified interior train components, Bombardier Transportation’s Hennigsdorf site invested in industrial-grade 3D printing. See how they were able to exceed their targets and save on both time and money with additive manufacturing.


The final custom air vent system, 3D printed in ULTEM™ 9085 resin

“We were able to reduce production time for a customized air vent system part from four months to roughly four weeks. That’s a resulting time saving of nearly 77 percent.”

André Bialoscek, Bombardier Transportation Hennigsdorf