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3D Printing and Ergonomics on the Factory Floor Webinar | Stratasys

Manufacturers utilize innovative technologies to address lean manufacturing challenges. Hear the research on how 3D printing can increase worker safety and factory floor profitability.

3D Printing and the Surgical Planning Process | Stratasys

Experience how additive manufacturing drives success, helping you deliver faster and compete stronger from initial idea to production end use parts.

3D Printing Dental Solutions

Print multiple parts using multiple materials for different applications simultaneously.

3D Printing Learning Modules for the Classroom | Stratasys

Get a jump start on adding 3D printing technology to your classroom with step-by-step 3D printing project modules created by experienced instructors.

3D Printing Packages for Education

From engaging students, to STEAM career prep, to increasing speed, accuracy, and creativity in your lab, our 3D printing packages have everything you need.

3D Printing Project Ideas, Videos, and Lesson Guides

Use these 3D printing project ideas, videos, lesson guides, and design files to encourage creativity and sharpen your students’ 3D design skills.

3D Printing Real Elastomers and Other Thermoplastics White Paper

Learn about thermoplastics including TPU 92A and and get essential information regarding application fit and material characteristics in this whitepaper.

3D 打印 STEM 项目 | Stratasys

与您的课堂有关的 7 个 3D 打印 STEM 项目。

3D 打印临模拟 | Stratasys

回顾关于 3D 打印在医疗教育和培训中的应用的出版文献。

3D 打印医疗行业 | Stratasys

3D 打印材料革新了医疗设备设计人员的工作方式。

3D 打印对比 CNC | Stratasys


3D 打印手术方案 | Stratasys


3D 打印是否会淘汰注塑成型?| Stratasys

3D 打印部件是否为注塑成型的可行替代品?

3D 打印治具、夹具和其他制造工具 | Stratasys

如何通过 3D 打印制作定制化制造工具,从而最大限度减少时间和成本。

3D 打印的优势 | Stratasys


3D 打印的优势 | Stratasys

在牙科实验室中使用 3D 打印实现业务增长

3D 打印的角色 | Stratasys

3D 打印能够成为支持工厂 4.0 转型的关键技术。

3D 打印种植牙 | Stratasys


3D打印工装夹具 | Stratasys


4D Printing Technology Project with MIT and Stratasys

In a collaboration between MIT’s Self-Assembly Lab and Stratasys education and R&D departments, a new process called 4D printing is being developed.

A 3D Printed Guide Plate Simplifies Trigeminal Neuralgia Surgery

The Third Affiliated Hospital Sun Yat-Sen University uses a 3D printed guide plate to simplify trigeminal neuralgia surgery and reduce radiation exposure.

A Buyer's Guide to 3D Printing in Dentistry

Outperform traditional dentistry with 3D printing technology. Download our Buyer's guide to learn how 3D printing can be a business growth opportunity.

A Buyer's Guide to 3D Printing in the Medical Lifecycle

Accelerate time to market, optimize product design, elevate cost efficiencies and reduce development risk with Medical 3D printing. Download to learn more.

ABS-M30 材料属性 | Stratasys

FORTUS ABS-M30 材料属性的特征。

ACTE's Careertech Vision | Nov 28 - Dec 1, 2018 | San Antonio, TX

ACTE's Careertech Vision 2018, in San Antonio, is the premier gathering of CTE (Career and Technical Education) professionals. Join Stratasys at the Expo.

Additive Manufacturing for Aircraft Interiors Solution Guide

The Aircraft Interiors Certification Solution gives you a faster, simpler path for certifying additively manufactured parts for aircraft installation.

Additive Manufacturing for Excellence in Product Development | Stratasys

Four essential new product development objectives that can be achieved using additive manufacturing for rapid prototyping in manufacturing.

Additive Manufacturing Forum 2020

Visit us at Europe's leading Additive Manufacturing conference at the Estrel Convention Center Berlin, Germany.

Additive Manufacturing in Medical Device Development White Paper | Stratasys

Developing a medical device product line comes with many challenges. Download our white paper and learn how additive manufacturing offers unique solutions.


3D 打印机降低了 Aerialtronics 的设计和开发成本,同时支持定制。


使用 3D 打印的彩色多材料原型简化儿童产品设计。


借助多材料、彩色 3D 打印改善化妆品包装和生产。



Antero 800NA 3D 打印材料的耐化学性能

基于 PEKK 的 Antero 800NA 拥有高强度、低除气特性和耐化学性,非常适合航空航天应用。

AP Racing 3D Printing Case Study

Learn how AP Racing gained efficiency by using the Stratasys J750 for innovative and advanced tooling applications and prototyping.

Arad Group

PolyJet 技术推动了高要求的原型制作。

Artem Ltd. | Stratasys

英国房地产代理公司 3D 打印电视广告中寄居蟹的复杂迷你样板房。

ASHNR 52nd Annual Meeting | Stratasys

The CCF is dedicated to the concept of continual growth of the CCF corpus while simultaneously funding as many educational and academic activities as possible.

Askja Audio Additive Manufacturing Case Study | Stratasys

Read how Askja Audio uses 3D Printing via the Fortus 900mc to create an amplifier with no geometric limitations and without sacrificing sound quality.

Aurora Flight Sciences

Stratasys 与 Aurora Flight Sciences 合作设计和开发世界第一台 3D 打印的喷气动力飞机。

Bajaj Electricals

FDM 技术帮助印度消费者品牌快速执行上市计划。

Balea Streamlines Prototyping Process Case Study

Balea Streamlines Prototyping Process with In-House 3D Printing

Bell Helicopter

FDM 帮助 Bell Helicopter 制造高质量原型。

Beyond Products Webinar: How 3D Printing Drives Innovation

Join us for the Beyond Products Webinar to learn how 3D printing is innovating how we create products and how you can innovate your entire business.


3D Printing Improves Treatment for Thoracic Wall Tumors



Biomedical Modeling Inc.

Biomedical Modeling Inc. 案例研究

Bluefrog Design 3D Printing Case Study

Bluefrog Design used 3D printing to design a custom, lightweight, wearable solution to help change the life of a man with a rare medical condition.

Bombardier Transportation 3D Printing Case Study

Bombardier Transportation is seeing an unprecedented time reduction for its production cycles with help from 3D printing.

Bone Daggers, FEA and 3D Printing Webinar | Stratasys

Join mechanical engineer and researcher Samuel Mills to learn about the study of bone daggers, FEA Analysis, and how 3D printing assisted his research.


Bordeaux University Hospital in France Enhances Kidney Operations with Full-Color, Multimaterial 3D Printing

Boston University 3D Printing Case Study

Boston University uses 3D printers to allow students to iterate quickly, and learn the skills needed to prototype their designs for various challenges.

Brooks Running

Brooks Running 使用 3D 打印促进设计验证加速。

Brudden Movement

Brudden 使用 3D 打印机完善健身设备。

Cardinal Glennon Open House

Thursday June 20th, 2019, join us at the 2019 SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital Open House

Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.

3D 打印的多用途性为 Cardiovascular Systems, Inc 取得医疗进步铺平了道路。

Celoplás Overcomes Tooling Challenges with FDM 3D Printing

See how Celoplás uses the Fortus 450mc to print tools with complex geometries ready for production in a matter of hours at a fraction of the cost.

Certified 3D Printing at the Point-of-Care Webinar

Join us for the Certified 3D Printing at the Point-of-Care Webinar to learn the value of 3D printing in the surgical planning process using Materialise Mimics Inprint Software paired with Stratasys multi-color polyjet 3D printers .

Christie Digital Systems

Christie Digital 混合采用 3D 打印技术以优化产品。

Close the Manufacturing Skills Gap With a 3D Printing Curriculum | Stratasys

This solution brief explores 3D printing solutions that prepares students for the technical workforce and highlights schools that are using the technology.

Congenital Heart Disease Case Study

Learn how a 3D printing heart model helps to plan complex surgeries

Congenital Heart Surgeons

Congenital Heart Surgeons

Connex Series Objet 1000 Operations August 14-16 | Stratasys

January 2019: training needed to successfully use key features of the insight software for the Fortus 380/450/900 3D Printer Operations Level 2.

Connex Series Objet 1000 Operations November 13-15| Stratasys

December 2018: training needed to successfully use key features of the insight software for the Fortus 380/450/900 3D Printer Operations Level 2.

Connex3 | Stratasys

3D 打印的通用性标准。

Customer Success Day

Make the most of your 3D printing investment with additive manufacturing (AM) training.


Stratasys 与 Daihatsu 合作制作可定制效果皮肤。

Dash CAE

Dash CAE 可将生产周期削减 83%,为一级方程式赛车制造全功能零部件和生产工具。

Dassault Falcon | Stratasys

Dassault Falcon Jet and Stratasys partnered to determine the viability of using FDM technology for production-grade tooling in the aerospace industry.

Data Segmentation for Medical 3D Printing Application Guide

Download the Data Segmentation for Medical 3D Printing Technical Application Guide to learn how to create realistic models based on patient scans.

Dawood and Tanner 3D Printing Case Study

Planning surgery using a 3D printed model allows for minimally invasive procedures, reduced operation times and improved patient care at Dawood Tanner.

Design Considerations for FDM Additive Manufactured Tooling Guide | Stratasys

Manufacturing tools made with FDM technology offer multiple benefits over traditional tooling. Learn more in our Design Considerations guide.

Design for AM Webinar from Blueprint

Join David Busacker from Blueprint for this brief exploration into what’s well-understood (and what will always be a little bit mad) about designing for additive manufacturing.

Diversified Plastics, Inc.

定制注塑成型机拥抱 3D 打印技术。


Dixon 牵手 3D 打印。


Dixon connects with 3D printing.

Dokuz Eylul University 3D Printing Case Study

3D Printing Improves Liver Transplant Pre-Surgical Planning for Dokuz Eylül University, which specializes in translational medicine, in this case study.

Download the Introduction to 3D Printing Curriculum

An introduction to 3D printing for careers in design and manufacturing. Download to access everything you need to teach a dynamic course in 3D printing.

Drive Dental Lab Growth with Multi-Material 3D Printing | Stratasys

Traditional dentistry prevents labs from meeting growing demand. Download to learn how digital dentistry supports growth efficiently without added costs.

DSK International Campus

3D 打印帮助学生设计新型车辆。


摩托车制造商使用 FDM 原型制作系统加快发动机设计速度。

Dynaflex 3D 打印案例研究

DynaFlex 借助 J700 Dental 3D 打印机之力开拓透明矫正器市场,以期凭借出色的扩展能力、生产能力和质量优化透明矫正器打印。

Eckhart 3D Printing Case Study

Eckhart provides solutions that streamline harsh manufacturing environments via 3D printing to improve the life of the people tasked with running the line.

Elastomers 101: What You Need To Know About 3D Printing TPU 92A

Get a quick look into what elastomers are, how they are being used and what is possible with the TPU 92A™ 3D printed elastomer on the F123 in this webinar.

Elkamet Case Study

Quality is one of the core pillars driving the success at Elkamet Kunststofftechnik GmbH, a German plastic part manufacturer


3D 打印确保定制橡胶遮蔽模具拥有适当形状并准确吻合。

Event | Stratasys

Stratasys Events

exocad | Stratasys

模型创造器 exocad 与 Stratasys Eden260V 3D 打印系统的无缝集成。

Experience Stratasys in Manufacturing Roadshow | Indiana | Aug 22, 2018 | Stratasys

Reserve your seat at our event Experience Stratasys in Manufacturing in Indiana to learn how 3D printing drives new efficiencies in high- and low-volume production.

F120 Product Guide

In this 3D printing product guide, you'll learn how the Stratasys F120 delivers industrial-grade 3D printing at an attractive price with consistent results that desktop printers can’t match.

F120 产品指南

在此 3D 打印产品指南中,您将了解 Stratasys F120 如何以具有吸引力的价格提供工业级 3D 打印品质,并带来桌面打印机无法比拟的一致效果。

F900 PRO & ULTEM™ 9085 resin 3D Printing Solution Guide

Increase your additive manufacturing repeatability with the F900 PRO and ULTEM™ 9085 resin. Learn about manufacturing challenges, the upgrade, and how F900 helps.

FABTECH | Stratasys

North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event heads to the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta in 2018. 


复杂性、成本和定制是推动 3D 打印机发展的关键因素。

FDM 3D Printing Rapid Prototyping Solution Brief

Learn how to get to market faster and work smarter, not harder with 3D printing via this FDM 3D printing rapid prototyping solution brief.

FDM for Composite Tooling 2.0 Design Guide

Reduce the time and cost to produce composite structures using tools made with FDM 3D printing technology and achieve dramatic efficiencies in production.

FDM Thermoforming Design Guide

FDM thermoform tooling is produced much more quickly, at lower cost than traditional metal tools. Customization is fast and changes can be made quickly.

FDM 和 PolyJet 3D 打印 | Stratasys


FDM 祭献型工装 | Stratasys


Florenradica Designs for Fashion with Full-Color 3D Printing

Learn how Florenradica, a fashion industry manufacturer, uses full-color, multi-material 3D printing to innovate fashion design and drive new business.

formnext 2018 | November 13-16, 2018 | Frankfurt, Germany

Join Stratasys at formnext 2018 in Messe, Frankfurt Germany, the international exhibition and conference on additive manufacturing.

formnext 2018 | November 13-16, 2018 | Frankfurt, Germany

Join Stratasys at formnext 2018 in Messe, Frankfurt Germany, the international exhibition and conference on additive manufacturing.

formnext 2019 | November 19 - 22, 2019 | Frankfurt, Germany

Join Stratasys at formnext 2019 in Messe, Frankfurt Germany, the international exhibition and conference on additive manufacturing.

Fortus 360mc/400mc | Stratasys

Fortus 360mc/400mc 准确性研究。

Fortus 900mc | Stratasys

Fortus 900mc 准确性研究。

Freedom of Design In Your Business Webinar

Join us for the Freedom of Design In Your Business Webinar to learn how Stratasys enables additive manufacturing for companies to redesign their products, as well as their entire business strategy.

Future Motion Onewheel 3D Printing Case Study

Future Motion’s uses carbon fiber nylon 12 for functional prototyping structural parts on their Onewheel personal electric transportation vehicle.

GKN Aerospace

GKN Aerospace Achieves Significant Savings with Additive Manufactured Tooling and Prototypes

GrabCAD Print:软件和云如何推动 3D 打印的变革 | Stratasys

GrabCAD Print 可简化传统 3D 打印准备工作流程,并实现打印机使用的智能化,以便团队能够更快获得高质量的打印作品。

GrabCAD Print:软件和云如何推动 3D 打印的变革 谢谢 | Stratasys

GrabCAD Print 可简化传统 3D 打印准备工作流程,并实现打印机使用的智能化,以便团队能够更快获得高质量的打印作品。

Guide to 3D Printing From Adobe Photoshop CC

The guide contains tips on when and how 3D printing is useful for artists and designers plus step-by-step instructions on printing from Adobe Photoshop CC.

Guide to 3D Printing Using Medical Scan Data

Create realistic models based on patient scans by converting DICOM data into 3D printable files. Download the how-to guide to learn more.

Guy’s and St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust | Stratasys

3D printing Enables a Child’s Life-Saving Kidney Transplant

Hager Group 3D Printing Case Study

The Hager Group uses 3d printing with the Fortus 380mc as a quick, flexible, design solution to cut tooling production time and costs.

HMI 2019 | April 1-5, 2019 | Hannover Messe, Germany

Join Stratasys at Hannover Messe. Come and visit us to see the newest in additive technologies.

Honda Access

Honda Access 借助 3D 打印将它的定制选项提升到更高的水平。

How to Optimize STL Files for 3D Printing Guide

Avoid common mistakes and increase productivity with this STL file optimization guide. Create watertight models and edit without reverting to CAD.

In’Tech Industries

可扩大的持续生产为 In'Tech Industries 带来了新机遇。

Increase Dental Lab Productivity with 3D Printing Solution Guide

Download to learn the benefits of mixed-tray printing for dental labs, to boost productivity and output and enable growth and independence.


专业航空工程和制造公司 Indaero 为业内领军企业和供应商提供设计、工程、工装、焊接和喷漆服务。通过内部的 FDM 3D 打印,Indaero 可以按需制造更复杂的工装,从而能够为空客等行业领导者快速而经济地生产少量配件。

Industrial Grade 3D Printing Seminar | Sep 18 | Chennai, India

Register for the Industrial-Grade 3D Printing Seminar and learn how 3D printing can help you work faster, more creatively and with reduced costs.


韩国设计大师见到 Stratasys J750 3D 打印机。

IRIS Ohyama

IRIS Ohyama 利用多种 3D 打印平台加速产品研发。


iRobot 案例研究


iRobot 案例研究

Italdesign 3D Printing Case Study

Italdesign Uses the J750 to 3D Print Marble-Effect Interior Parts for DaVinci Concept Car

i-Tork Controls Solves Prototyping Problems With PolyJet™

i-Tork Controls turns to additive manufacturing to accelerate the prototyping process and maintain confidentiality while improving on efficiency costs.

Iverson Dental Laboratories

利用牙科 3D 打印的准确性取得业务成功。

J700:致力于隐形矫正器艺术 | Stratasys

Stratasys J700 Dental 是唯一为生产开箱即用透明矫正器而优化的 3D 打印机,能够在不牺牲质量的情况下进行高产量打印。

J750 | 天纵多能:利用世界唯一的全彩多材料 3D 打印机为教育者和学生带来颠覆性的丰富应用和逼真模型 | Stratasys

Stratasys J750 3D 打印机是首款全彩多材料系统 3D 打印机,可满足学生和教育者的需求,使他们专注于学术成果或研究结果,而不必担心当前 3D 技术中存在的颜色结果不一致、成品粗糙或流程混乱的问题。

J750 | 天纵多能:利用世界唯一的全彩多材料 3D 打印机为教育者和学生带来颠覆性的丰富应用和逼真模型 | Stratasys

Stratasys J750 3D 打印机是首款全彩多材料系统 3D 打印机,可满足学生和教育者的需求,使他们专注于学术成果或研究结果,而不必担心当前 3D 技术中存在的颜色结果不一致、成品粗糙或流程混乱的问题。

J750:“挥洒设计才华”电子书 | Stratasys

详细了解 Stratasys J750 3D 打印机及其在几乎任何行业和学科所产生的影响。

J750:从加快医疗器械开发到制作挽救生命的手术规划模型 | Stratasys

详细了解 Stratasys J750 3D 打印机及其在几乎任何行业和学科所产生的影响。

J750:挥洒设计才华感谢 | Stratasys

详细了解 Stratasys J750 3D 打印机及其在几乎任何行业和学科所产生的影响。

J750:挥洒设计才华感谢 | Stratasys

详细了解 Stratasys J750 3D 打印机及其在几乎任何行业和学科所产生的影响。

J8 系列电子书:适用于设计、医疗保健和教育领域的 3D 打印

J8 系列 3D 打印机可以改善设计体验,实现高度逼真的打印建模。下载此电子书,详细了解其对设计逼真程度的影响。

Jetta 3D Printing Case Study

Jetta delivers one-stop OEM services with 3D printing by using the Stratasys J750 3D printer in its product development to create realistic prototypes.

Jigs & Fixtures Material Selection Guide| Stratasys

3D printed jigs and fixtures make light work of tooling, fixtures and manufacturing aids on the factory floor. Use cases show this cost-saving, ergonomic way to implement 3D printed jigs and fixtures on the factory floor.

Joe Gibbs Racing

FDM 一氧化碳过滤器可以承受高温。

Joe Gibbs Racing Gauges

Joe Gibbs Racing 凭借定制 Gauges 获胜。


3D 打印建筑模型的制作时间与成本是木质结构的一半。


Kratzer 利用增材制造优化内部夹具生产。


在 3D 打印的帮助下设计的高端显微镜与医疗设备。



Latécoère | Stratasys

这本电子书探讨了这款世界唯一的全彩多材料 3D 打印机为教育者和学生带来的颠覆性的丰富应用和逼真模型


FDM 可降低开发无人机所需的时间和成本。

Leveraging the Strength of Carbon Fiber Solution Brief

Lower your factory floor costs and improve efficiency with high-strength 3D printing by leveraging the strength of carbon fiber.

Lockheed Martin Space 3D Printing Case Study | Case Study

Learn how a new 3D printing material in an ESD compliant polymer with higher thermal capability enabled Lockheed Martin Space 3D to print parts for the Orion.

Manufacturing Infographic

Learn how to meet your company’s Lean demands using additive manufacturing, with working examples from customers Liberty Electronics and BOOM Supersonic.

Manufacturing-Ready | Stratasys

Manufacturing-Ready White Paper

Märklin 3D Printing Case Study

Learn how Märklin, creator of lifelike model trains transforms its production line with 3D printed tools in this case study.

Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group Case Study

Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group Soars With 3D Printing

Material Guide Selection for Factory Floors

Additive manufacturing allows users to address complicated factory-floor problems with simple, targeted tooling solutions. Use this material guide to tailor your manufacturing solution to the needs of your factory, employees or your customers.


Additive Manufacturing With the Stratasys F170 3D Printer Replaces Metal Tool Production at mawe presstec GmbH

MEDICA Trade Fair 2018 | Nov 12-15, 2018 | Düsseldorf, Germany

Discover how 3D printed models improve patient outcomes and hospital efficiency at the Stratasys booth at the MEDICA trade fair in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Medtronic | Stratasys

Medtronic 利用 Stratasys 3D 打印解决方案改善医疗用具功能原型设计

Meet the experts at Aircraft Interiors Expo 2019 | April 2-4, 2018 | Hamburg Messe, Germany | Stratasys

Aircraft Interiors Expo is the global must attend event to see the latest ideas and innovations in aircraft interiors. Staged annually the show launched in 2000 in Cannes and has evolved throughout the years, moving to Hamburg in 2002. If you are involved or responsible for the purchase of cabin interiors, in-flight entertainment, connectivity, passenger experience and passenger services, this is the industry event you cannot afford to miss.

Mikkelsen Electronics

Mikkelsen Electronics 借助 3D 打印的低压模具实现工作流加速。


Minimizer 坚固的半挂卡车翼子板得益于黑色的 ULTEM™ resin 原型。

MOCAP Design

动作捕捉公司使用 3D 打印开发其头盔摄像头产品。

Moog Aircraft Group

Moog Aircraft Group 使用 FDM 3D 打印缩短夹具交付周期。

Motus Motorcycles

3D 打印催生了美国的第一辆运动旅行摩托车。


NASA 的载人探测车装有 FDM 部件。


3D 打印的“外骨骼”使小女孩能够抬起自己的手臂玩耍。

New Product Launch Webinar | November 2018

An overview of new materials (Elastomer, Antero 800NA, and MED625FLX), software advancements and new technology for hyper-realism and 3D printed metal.

Nicklaus 儿童医院

Nicklaus 儿童医院案例研究

Nidek Technologies

Nidek Technologies 案例研究


NimroDENTAL 使用 3D 打印转变了正畸业务方式。

Orange County Choppers

3D 打印帮助 OCC 制作成栩栩如生的龙摩托车。

Oreck | Stratasys

借助 Stratasys 3D 打印解决方案,增材制造将 Oreck 的夹具成本降低 65%

Overcoming Challenges with TPU 92A and CAD

See how Center for Advanced Design (CAD) helped a amputee compete again in extreme snowmobiling

Pack Line 3D Printing

Established in 1994 and headquartered in Holon, Israel, Pack Line Ltd. (Pack Line) is a recognized world-leading manufacturer of packaging machines and supplier to some of the biggest names in the food, dairy and cosmetic industries. The company produces innovative linear, rotary filling and sealing machines, piston fillers and MAP systems that increase productivity and operating efficiency while lowering operating costs.

Paris Air Show 2019 | June 17-23, 2019 | Le Bourget, France

Come join Stratasys to learn more about 3D Printing in Aerospace at the International Paris Air Show, the largest and longest running aerospace trade show.

Parker Hannifin

汽车滤清器制造商在 V8 发动机上测试 PPSF 原型。

Partial Framework Investment Casting | Stratasys

Accelerate the production of your dental parts using 3D printing via partial framework investment casting using MED610 3D printed patterns.


Stratasys 与 Daihatsu 合作制作可定制效果皮肤。

Peppermint Energy

3D 打印帮助太阳能新贵随处提供能量。

Plan Endovascular AAA Procedures with 3D Printed Models

Read how The Jacobs Institute uses 3D printed models to help surgeons plan for challenging AAA cases at Kaleida Health’s Gates Vascular Institute.

Plyform 3D Printing Case Study | Stratasys

Plyform Composites s.r.l uses 3D printing to raise the bar for aerospace production while increasing both speed and quality in this 3D printing case study.

Polaris Continues to Set the Pace Thanks to 3D Printing | Stratasys

With the help of 3D printing technologies, Polaris continues to set the pace in their industry and beyond. See how they continue to innovate with their latest case study.

Polaris Sets the Pace Thanks to 3D Printing

Read how Polaris is innovating with 3D printing from Stratasys.

PolyJet for Injection Molding Technical Application Guide

Product designers and manufacturers use 3D printed injection molds for functional testing that is accurate, fast and cost-effective.

PolyJet for Investment Casting Design Guide

Learn the best way to use additive manufactured patterns to reduce the time and cost of investment casting operations with this design guide.

PolyJet 材料 | Stratasys


Premium Transmission Ltd.

Premium Transmission 使用 FDM 技术为全球的工程行业提供服务。

Production Tooling with Additive Manufacturing | Stratasys

This guide focuses on the business considerations for additive manufacturing (AM) usage in the production of tooling.

Professional 3D Printing Solutions Research Guide

In this 3D printing solutions research guide, you'll find technology and material comparisons, plus answers about 3D printer pricing and total cost to own.

Professional 3D Printing Solutions Research Guide

In this 3D printing solutions research guide, you'll find technology and material comparisons, plus answers about 3D printer pricing and total cost to own.


3D 打印进军模具业。

Protec Dental Laboratories

通过 3D 打印进行的目的性创新推动 Protec Dental Laboratories 不断取得成功。

Quadpack 3D Printing Case Study | Stratasys

Quadpack, global manufacturer of beauty industry packaging solutions, enhances packaging design and production with full-color multi-material 3D printing.

Quality Electrodynamics, LLC

Quality Electrodynamics, LLC 案例研究

Rapid.Tech 2019 | June 25-27, 2019 | Messe Erfurt, Germany

Join Stratasys at Rapid.Tech 2019 to see the newest in additive technologies at the international hub for additive manufacturing.


RedDOT 借助 FDM Nylon 12 原型和夹具加快生产速度。

RedDOT | Stratasys

RedDOT 利用现场功能原型制作来解决客户的设计难题。

Reinventing Composite Molding with Additive Manufacturing Case Study| Stratasys

See how those in a the aerospace industry are innovating with additive manufacturing.

Renato Archer 信息技术中心 (CTI)

CTI Renato Archer 3D 打印事故受害者头骨的原型。


Ricoh 从原型制作到生产的转型。

RSNA 2018 Annual Meeting | November 25-30 | Chicago, IL

The Radiological Society of North America’s 104th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting is scheduled November 25-30 at McCormick Place in Chicago.

RTM Ortopedia Personalizzata

RTM Ortopedia Personalizzata 通过 3D 打印制作契合度创新高的假肢模具。

Sacrificial Tooling Design Guide

In this 3D printing solutions guide, you'll find technology and material comparisons, plus hard-to-find answers about 3D printer pricing and total cost.

Santa Cruz Bicycles 3D Printing Case Study

Read how Santa Cruz Bicycles’ uses 3D printing for concept modeling, prototyping and tooling in developing a custom mountain bike with the Fortus 450mc.


SCES 借助 3D 打印制作逼真的模型和展览品。

Schiner 3D Repro Case Study

3D Repro knew ultra-realism was key to securing customer interest to cost-effectively produce one-off customized models for its customers.

SEMA Show | Stratasys

The SEMA Show is the premier automotive specialty products trade event in the world located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Shaping the Future of Air Travel | November 29, 2018 | Durham, NC

Industry leaders to develop materials and processes that are making 3D printed parts commonplace on aircraft and spacecraft.


Siemens AG in Karlsruhe uses 3D printing to develop innovative automation solutions for the production environment

SIEMENS Mobility RRX Rail Service Center | Stratasys

See how Siemens Mobility RRX Rail Service Center was designed to perfect digitalization for the rail and transport industry.

Silgan Plastics

FDM 模型缩短了新型勺舀式零热量甜味剂的上市时间。


Stratasys 与 Daihatsu 合作制作可定制效果皮肤。

Smart Manufacturing Through Topology Optimization Webinar

Senior Engineering Consultant Dave Hayden discusses the steps involved in using Topology Optimization and Additive Manufacturing to save weight and cost.

Smoby Toys

玩具制造商在 3D 打印的帮助下提供充满想象力的游戏时间。


Solaxis 使用 3D 打印技术制造了一个汽车装配治具,减轻了重量并提高了准确度。


Solaxis 使用 3D 打印技术制造了一个汽车装配治具,减轻了重量并提高了准确度。

Specialty Appliances


Spring SRL

Spring SRL 使用 FDM 简化制造并提高灵活性。


SSL 通过采用 3D 打印缩短了定制复合材料工装的生产周期。


Discover how the world's leading manufacturers are driving production improvements and efficiency benefits from additive manufacturing.

Stratasys 3D Learning Center for Educators Webinar

Join us for the 3D Learning Center for Educators Webinar to learn how Stratasys makes it easy to teach with our 3D learning center content.

Stratasys at AIX 2020

Visit us at AIX 2020 in Messe Hamburg Germany

Stratasys At MECSPE 2020

Join us at MECSPE 2020 in Parma, Italy March 26-28

Stratasys Continuous Build 3D Demonstrator

Smart. Scalable. Reliable. That’s what’s next in 3D manufacturing.

Surgical Implant 3D

PolyJet 技术为 Surgical Implant 3D 开启了新的机遇。

Surgical Planning

With Patient-Specific 3D Printed Medical Models

Swift Engineering

Swift Engineering 支持在祭献型应用中使用 3D 打印,而不再需要生产祭献型工具。


Synergy 的客户利用超逼真的原型自信地做出决策。

Syqe Medical


T32 牙科中心

3D 打印技术提高牙科手术水平,令患者感到满意。

Tecnun Motorsport 3D Printing Case Study

Student design team, Tecnun Motorsport reduces carbon fiber intake manifold weight by 60% with Stratasys 3D printed soluble cores.

Thank You

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Thank You | Stratasys

At IMTS 2018 students prove they are dreamers and doers in the world of manufacturing.

Thank You | Stratasys

At IMTS 2018 students prove they are dreamers and doers in the world of manufacturing.

Thank you| Stratasys

Manufacturers utilize innovative technologies to address lean manufacturing challenges. Hear the research on how 3D printing can increase worker safety and factory floor profitability.

The Road Ahead: Rapid Prototyping in the Automotive Industry

Learn how to capitalize on 3D printing to innovate, customize, iterate, and stay ahead of the curve via rapid prototyping and 3D printing.


3D 打印帮助 Thermos 成为行业领导者。

Thogus Products

61 年历史的公司通过 FDM 重焕新生。



TIES 2018 Education Technology Conference December 9th – 11th | Stratasys

Haldeman Homme is going to be handing out free samples of our new Elastomer material.

Toy State International

同时运用 PolyJet 和最新的 FDM 技术。

Transforming the Medical Device Industry Solution Brief

Accelerate innovation with 3D printing for the medical device industry to saving cost and time to market. Download our solution brief to learn more.



Trek 风洞 | Stratasys

Trek 利用 Objet 3D 打印机加快设计周期。


3D 打印快速制作牢固的注塑模具。

Udell Dental Laboratory

牙科实验室使用 Stratsys 3D 打印机将局部义齿框架的成本降低了 75%。


消费品巨头 Unilever 借助 3D 打印使迭代速度提高了 50%。

University Hospital Basel Case Study | Stratasys

Learn about the innovative ways the University Hospital Basel is using 3D Printing for Advanced Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery.

Unlocking Innovation with Voxel Print

Achieve the impossible with GrabCAD Voxel print on the Stratasys J750.

Unlocking the Potential of Embedded Functionality with 3D Printing | Stratasys

Experience how additive manufacturing drives success, helping you deliver faster and compete stronger from initial idea to production end use parts.

UPSA 3D Printing Case Study | Stratasys

Learn how UPSA is spurring pharmaceutical manufacturing innovation with 3D printing, saving on manufacturing costs and reducing their stock of parts.

Utah Trikes

Utah Trikes 使用 FDM Nylon 12CF 定制符合成本效益的产品。

UTC Aerospace Systems

UTC Aerospace Systems 使用 3D 打印提高生产力。

VER | Stratasys

3D 打印实现了令人梦寐以求的摄影角度。

Volvo Construction Equipment

Volvo Construction Equipment 的原型制作时间节省了 18 周,成本降低了 92%。

Vulcan Custom Dental

Vulcan Custom Dental 利用 3D 打印找到直接、经济的解决方案。

Waters Corporation

此案例研究将说明 Waters Corporation 如何使用 PolyJet 3D 打印技术缩短了原型制作时间,同时优化了设计流程。

Western Tool & Mold

Western Tool & Mold 将现有资源与 3D 打印相搭配。

What to know before investing in 3D printing.

This short webinar details what you can expect when considering buying an FDM 3D printer in the industrial grade category of 3D printers.


3D 打印的冲压机加快了特制 Xerox 打印机的生产。

Xerox Thermo

Xerox Thermo 案例研究


拉链制造商 YKK 使用 PolyJet 3D 打印节省产品开发时间。


3D 打印只用不到 350 美元就能为有需要的孩子提供仿生手臂。



为直接数字化制造而设计 | Stratasys


五大理由 | Stratasys

将 PolyJet 技术融入产品开发生命周期的五大理由。

五种方式 | Stratasys

3D 打印通过五种方式转变汽车行业。

五种最佳实践 | Stratasys

创新型大学如何将 3D 打印融入到课堂中。

亚太地区 | Stratasys





伍伦贡大学使用多种 3D 打印机进行研究创新。

优化生产,敏捷制造 | Stratasys

增材制造技术正在显著改变事物的制造方式,而 Stratasys 的 Fortus 3D 生产系统就走在这场变革的最前沿。


但丁帕萨尼斯心脏病研究所使用 3D 打印的动脉诊断和治疗疾病。

促进仓库消亡 | Stratasys

按需 3D 打印备件是一种可实现的商业模式吗?





关于速度的真相 | Stratasys


冲破障碍 | Stratasys

Stratasys F123 3D 打印机如何实现更加便利高产的快速原型制作。

冲破障碍 | Stratasys

Stratasys F123 3D 打印机如何实现更加便利高产的快速原型制作。


凯斯西储大学的 Sears 思考[区] 鼓励独创性。

创客公地 | Stratasys

3D 打印如何将现实中的设计和生产难题转化为学习。

制造未来 | Stratasys

3D 打印开启下一个全球化时代。



可溶芯 | Stratasys

Stratasys 可溶芯功能测试。

合适的材料 | Stratasys



吉凯恩传动系统事业部借助 3D 打印的制造工具克服生产停机。

四轴飞行器项目 | Stratasys

从 3D 打印机中飞出来。


国王学院医院使用 3D 打印技术处理复杂病例。

在课程教学中建立 ROI 的 6 个步骤 | Stratasys


塑造明日人才 | Stratasys


增材制造:了解技术采用的商业驱动因素 | Stratasys

这本电子书解释了 3D 打印的基础知识,以及此技术为何有能力从根本上改善您的企业。

增材制造和传统制造 | Stratasys


增材制造和传统制造 | Stratasys


增材制造的复合材料工装 | Stratasys


增材制造的复合材料拥有独一无二的优势 | Stratasys


增材制造的复合材料拥有独一无二的优势 | Stratasys


增材制造的复合材料拥有独一无二的优势 | Stratasys


增材制造的复合材料拥有独一无二的优势 谢谢页面 | Stratasys


增材制造的复合材料拥有独一无二的优势 谢谢页面 | Stratasys


增材制造的复合材料拥有独一无二的优势 谢谢页面 | Stratasys




多色。多材料。多学科。| Stratasys

探索全彩多材料 3D 打印在教育领域中的多种应用。


3D 打印让加利福尼亚学生做好就业准备并获得资金。




安柏瑞德 RobotX 挑战赛潜水艇接受挑战。

完善牙科疗法 | Stratasys

通过 3D 打印的模型和可拆牙模完善牙科疗法。

实境学习 | Stratasys

3D 打印如何为课堂中的学生带来现实中的设计和生产挑战。

密尔沃基工程学院学生 3D 打印案例研究

密尔沃基工程学院的学生测试新型 3D 打印弹性体材料,与各行业合作,帮助企业解决独特的挑战。

对准确性的错误看法 | Stratasys



山麓学院的学生为学龄前儿童 3D 打印外骨骼手臂。




帕维亚大学为外科医生 3D 打印重要的细节部分。



德克萨斯州 3D 打印服务中心

3D 打印服务中心制作复杂的心脏模型。


3D 打印 TransRoPorter 支持太空探索。

快速制造 | Stratasys

FDM 用于治具和夹具建造。


惠灵顿维多利亚大学用 3D 打印促进学生的学习。

感谢关注“优化生产,敏捷制造”| Stratasys

增材制造技术正在显著改变事物的制造方式,而 Stratasys 的 Fortus 3D 生产系统就走在这场变革的最前沿。

感谢关注“增材制造:了解技术采用的业务驱动因素”| Stratasys

这本电子书解释了 3D 打印的基础知识,以及此技术为何有能力从根本上改善您的企业。



抗菌涂料 | Stratasys

适用于 3D 打印医疗器械的水性抗菌涂料。


捷豹路虎利用多材料 3D 打印机获得竞争优势。

提升医疗水平 | Stratasys



研究人员使用 GrabCAD 体素打印技术在微观尺度上探索突破性的设计。


3D 打印人体模型改进急救医疗人员培训。


星站与 Dimension 让小学生的设计技能更上一层楼。



最终用途部件 | Stratasys

通过 3D 打印最终用途部件转变制造业。

有效设计验证 | Stratasys

演示用于 3D 打印注塑模具 (3DPIM) 的有效设计验证工具。

术前手术计划 | Stratasys

使用 3D 打印实施术前手术计划。


高中学生使用数字化制造为 NASA 构建飞行相机。


数字化牙科借助 3D 打印提高服务品质。


欧道明大学使用 3D 打印在全美竞赛中完成比赛。



治具和夹具 | Stratasys

无工装生产工具利用 3D 打印为制造商带来实实在在的价值。


波士顿大学的学生使用 3D 打印技术解决现实问题。

测量两次切割一次 | Stratasys




消毒 | Stratasys

对 FDM 制造的部件消毒。

热塑性塑料 | Stratasys


牙科包埋材料铸造 | Stratasys

通过数字打印技术和 Nobilium 的 Cadvest 提高铸造框架产量。

牙齿矫正与 3D 打印 | Stratasys


现在及未来的 3D 打印 | Stratasys


生产车间趋势 | Stratasys





赠款帮助社区学院建立世界级 3D 打印实验室。

砂型铸造 | Stratasys




种植牙工作流程 | Stratasys

CAD/CAM 的牙种植工作流程。



精准的原型制作 | Stratasys

3D 打印的模具在注塑成型行业中的角色。


3D 打印帮助学生制作缺失的零件。


跨学科工作通过 3D 打印为病患护理建立了新标准。


纽约州立大学纽博分校 smart 实验室连接企业、学生与社区。


纽约州立大学纽博分校 SMART 实验室。


德国医院借助 3D 打印患者模型改进拯救生命的血管外科手术。

美敦力 3D打印医疗设备工装

在帮助美敦力将医疗设备更快地投入市场方面,3D 打印发挥着重要作用

耐化学性 | Stratasys

为 PolyJet 原型加入耐化学性。

自购还是外购?| Stratasys

自购 3D 打印机的六大业务优势。

自购还是外购?| Stratasys

自购 3D 打印机的六大业务优势。


3D 打印提升了明尼苏达州学区的 K-12 基础教育。


学生们使用 3D 打印准备空间站实验。


萨凡纳艺术设计学院利用自动化 3D 打印引领潮流。


Stratasys FDM 打印帮助西门子扩展了客户服务方案,简化了供应链。

认证之路 | Stratasys


认证之路 | Stratasys


设计变革 | Stratasys

3D 打印有助于打造更好的产品并加快产品上市速度。

设计变革 | Stratasys

3D 打印有助于打造更好的产品并加快产品上市速度。

证明投资 3D 打印机的必要性 | Stratasys

证明投资 3D 打印机以实现快速原型制作的必要性


FDM 直接数字化制造在四年里节省了 800,000 美元和三年的开发时间。

辅助工装 | Stratasys

用于复合材料制备的 FDM 辅助工装。


达拉斯德克萨斯大学使用 3D 打印帮助检测体育运动的结束。


邓伍迪技术学院的学生掌握了需求很高的 3D 打印技能。

采用 FDM 的 3D 打印 | Stratasys

FDM 打印技术的原理。


血管健康 3D 打印,促成脑动脉瘤治疗领域新突破。




雷根斯堡应用技术大学的学生使用 3D 打印让概念成为现实。


3D 打印为学生提供制作自平衡滑板车的实际体验。


FDM 改善了 KAIST 仿生机器人实验室的生物工程学研究。

顶级策略 | Stratasys

确保您的 3D 打印机能够获得财政支持的顶级策略。


香港理工大学采用 3D 打印技术来改善眼眶植入物手术。


跨学科学习先进技术加强了马尔堡高中的 STEM 教育。




设计公司通过 3D 打印快速改良想法。



ULTEM™ 是 SABIC 或其下属公司的注册商标。