Production parts.
Big business impact.

The parts you need. When you need them.

Stratasys 3D printers let you produce low-volume, customized production parts on-demand, without the high cost and long lead times of traditional manufacturing. A diverse material selection and simple post-processing enables you to quickly meet varied production demands. The proven accuracy and uptime reliability of FDM printers provides lets you meet those demands with consistent results.

Cut costs.
Boost productivity.

FDM 3D printing doesn’t require production tooling, so you can bypass traditional constraints to quickly develop and manufacture parts. Print on-demand and save on inventory, storage and costly lead times; making low-volume production economically viable. 3D printing is optimized for customization, taking the cost out of making complex parts. So, your only real cost is the material you use.
Streamline supply chains, reduce costs and boost your competitive advantage.

Make manufacturing profitable.

3D printed production parts make what once were unprofitable manufacturing scenarios profitable.



Utilize 3D printing to create production-grade parts within a matter of hours. This will increase revenue by shortening lead time to market.


Flexible, Agile Manufacturing

Meet varying and highly customized demands quickly with 3D printed parts, without the tool-up costs and long lead times.


End-of-Life Production

Reduce supply chain costs associated with products at the end of their life cycle. 3D printing provides cost-effective on-demand production that eliminates physical inventory.

“Stratasys has been a great partner in helping us optimize accuracy and repeatability for connectors that require +/- 50 micron accuracy, and demonstrating the possibilities of using additive manufacturing to produce part volumes in the tens thousands.”

Mark Savage
Senior Manager, Additive Manufacturing
TE Connectivity

Production Parts on-demand. Without the printer.

With 20 million parts shipped, Stratasys Direct Manufacturing is at the forefront of serialized production manufacturing.
We deliver a tailored approach that makes the most of our expertise without major capital expense.
If you need a service that complements your in-house capability, someone to take the pressure off a rush job, or a multi-year serialized production program, make Stratasys Direct Manufacturing your partner.

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Production applications

Whether you’re looking for support in part certification, special material properties, technology that creates lighter and stronger parts, customizations, more flexible inventory, to manufacture complex structures, or improve texture of your final parts – we make the process simple, reliable, and cost-effective.

End-use parts to withstand harsh environments. Offer low to mid-volume production of parts that can withstand heat, chemical and vibration challenges, and look great while they do it.

Ducting made simple.
Manufacture strong ducts with complex geometries, reduced weight and exceptional FST-rated materials.

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Made for finishing touches.
Apply textures and improve surface finish using faster post-processing techniques.

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Standard to high-performance

Explore our full range of FDM materials.

FDM Materials

Versatile, reliable, accurate.

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