Rubber-like shoe tread prototype 3D printed in Tango.

采用 Tango 和 Tango Black Plus 进行 3D 打印的原型可模拟需要类橡胶特质的产品。 


制作具有柔性、类橡胶特质的逼真原型。Tango 模拟柔软触感的涂层、防滑表面、橡胶包裹层和塑模。测试并验证手柄、拉手、把手、垫片或鞋类在与橡皮筋、轮胎面和鞋掌相当的肖氏 A 级硬度值范围内。


Exceptional Final-Product Realism

Tango and TangoPlus simulate thermoplastic elastomers with flexible, rubber-like qualities. Ideal for testing and verifying visual, tactile and functional applications such as grips, gaskets and footwear, Tango produces soft, flexible prototypes that require shock absorption, vibration dampening or a non-slip surface. Blend Tango with other PolyJet photopolymers for different hardness, elongation and tear resistance levels.


a diamond graphic that represents hardness

26-28 Scale A TangoPlus

a hourglass graphic that represents tensile

2-4 kg/cm TangoPlus

a hourglass graphic that represents tensile

0.8-1.5 MPa TangoPlus

a chain link graphic that represents strength

170-220% TangoPlus


3D printed models based on patient CT scans are used for pre-surgical planning and medical device testing.

Realistic 3D Surgical Models

3D printing breakthroughs in brain aneurysm treatments

Patient-specific 3D models printed in flexible TangoPlus gave surgical teams at the JI the ability to better understand and treat aneurysms, helping reduce risks associated with delays and potential complications with various surgical approaches.

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