What is the challenge?

Once again, we’re challenging students around the world to show us how they’d make the world a better place with 3D printing. And once again, big prizes await the most creative, practical and innovative designs.

You might choose to improve an existing product. Create a stunning work of art. Or design a totally new invention that makes the world sit up and take notice. With three different categories for students of all ages, the choice is yours.

Whatever you want to make, the future of 3D printing is in your hands. So visit GrabCAD to learn more – and remember to enter before April 17th, 2020!

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Engineering Secondary Education

Middle/high school students.

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Engineering: Post-Secondary

University, college, or post-secondary students.

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Art, Jewelry & Architecture

Any grade level.

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See last year's winners!

These designs won scholarships and the high regards our judges last year. Check them out if you are looking for inspiration.

2018 Winners