Origin® One Dental When production counts.

Scale your business and maximize production across a number of applications with materials from Industry leading partners. With user-friendly software that is simple to manage and learn, Origin One Dental streamlines your digital workflow and maximizes throughput.

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Origin One Dental
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Count on Origin One Dental.

Quick print times help expand production without delays, so you can respond flexibly to shifts in demand and achieve industry-leading returns on your investment in 3D printing.

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Count on uptime, consistency, and reliability. Print best-in-class parts faster, at lower cost and with greater accuracy.

Dental model

Dental Models

Model printing is the largest application in the Dental lab. The Origin One Dental has high accuracy for both restorative and Orthodontic models. With competitive resin prices and high throughput, the Origin One Dental printer is a perfect match for this demanding application.

Origin One Dental printed splint


The use of occlusal splints to maintain the integrity of restorative and orthodontic work is quickly becoming the standard of care. Origin One Dental printed splints, night guards, and bleaching trays provide a comfortable fit, and flexibility to engage undercuts with excellent resistance to wear.

Origin One Dental surgical guide

Surgical Guides

Fabricate transparent, highly accurate surgical guides to help your customers place implants at the precise angle and depth. Print small batches or full build plates quickly.

Business impact.

The Stratasys Origin One Dental manufacturing-grade 3D printer provides an industrial production solution powered by cutting edge P3 technology.

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Future-proof your investment

A new production method based on open materials supports a variety of applications. The open software architecture will support new additional materials over time, protecting your investment in the printer system.

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Produce exceptionally accurate, consistent parts.

Cutting-edge P3 technology paired with a true 4K light engine precisely orchestrates conditions like light and temperature to automatically optimize prints in real-time. The unique Origin One Dental print process ensures precision, accuracy, and part-to-part consistency with every print.

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Scale to industrial production.

Built for 99% uptime, Origin One Dental enables higher throughput and a lower cost per part using best-in-class materials. Faster print cycles and simple post-processing offer an optimized workflow that will facilitate overall better performance and lower costs.

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Connect to the cloud for updates and support.

Secure remote connectivity enables over-the-air software updates that unlock new advanced materials and workflow optimizations. Remote service and support maximize uptime to ensure production runs smoothly. The Origin One web app feature fleet and queue management functionality to further streamline operational tasks.

Programmable Photo Polymerization P3™ for unrivaled quality.

Programmable Photo Polymerization P3™ for unrivaled quality.

Origin One Dental is powered by proprietary P3 Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology. The tightly synchronized P3 print process includes pneumatic controls to reduce pull forces during the print process, resulting in exceptional surface quality, without sacrificing speed or isotropy. Coupled with an advanced true 4K light engine, P3 enables one of the highest 3D printed part quality and throughput in the industry.

Origin One Dental materials

Origin One Dental’s open platform incorporates new application-specific materials from the Stratasys network of strategic partners including BASF and Keystone Dental. Stratasys is committed to expanding end-customer applications to meet even the most challenging requirements.
Coupled with P3 technology, the Certified materials available on the Origin One Dental attain the best print speed without sacrificing strength, accuracy, or surface finish.