3D Tooling for Medical Devices.

When savings lives is the ultimate goal, learn how efficiency, precision and customization are just the beginning in 3D printed tooling. From injection molds for product validation to manufacturing aids on the production floor, 3D printing is the ultimate tool to save time, money and lives.

DeRisi Labs 3D printed microscope parts

DeRisi Labs works to detect viruses at the cellular level with custom 3D printed microscope parts.

“By being able to print the mold components, we can supply our customers with prototypes in a matter of days rather than weeks – and it’s actually
less expensive.”

Annette Lund, Vice President, Diversified Plastics, Inc

Manufacturing Tooling Solutions for the Medical Device Industry

Jigs and Fixtures

Medical device company, Cardiovascular Systems, Inc. (CSI), product developers work closely with manufacturers to ensure their welding processes for specific tools are optimal. The ability to 3D print test fixtures gives them confidence everything will perform the way they should once the fixtures are used in a production environment. 3D printing these fixtures provides CSI with improved production quality and greater work-flow efficiencies.

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