Lightweight, Cost-Efficient Aerospace Tooling

Stratasys 3D printed aerospace tooling solutions provide efficiency and customization that traditional tooling just can’t offer. From composite tooling to fixtures and manufacturing aids, 3D printed tooling gives you the capability for more agile manufacturing that reduces time and cost and gets products to market faster.

Aero Tooling Value Proposition

A 3D printed drill jig being used in the assembly of a ULA launch vehicle.

“FDM has saved the government over $3.8 million to date with an expected 10-to-15-year savings of over $15 million.”

Mitchell Weatherly, Chief, Trainer Development Flight, Sheppard AFB

Manufacturing Tooling Solutions for the Aerospace Industry

Composite Tooling

Forego the high cost and long lead times of traditional composite tooling for 3D printed tools instead. They’re lighter, easily tailored to the specific application and offer disruptive time and cost savings in comparison. For complex and hollow composite structures, 3D printed sacrificial tooling makes the job much easier with a user-friendly, washout process.

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Jigs, Fixtures & Manufacturing Aids

Cut production cycle times and get products to market sooner with faster, more agile tool creation. 3D printed jigs, fixtures and production tools are produced much more quickly, for lest cost and with less material waste than traditionally manufactured tools, regardless of complexity.

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See More Additive Manufacturing Solutions for the Aerospace Industry

Additive manufacturing has many applications within the aerospace and defense industries, from rapid prototyping to tooling to production parts. Learn more by visiting our aerospace solutions page and see how aerospace companies are streamlining production.

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ULA relies on additive manufacturing to create a broad range of tools for increased production efficiency.

In addition to flight-worthy parts, United Launch Alliance has 3D printed over 300 production tools for construction of their launch vehicles.