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A woman looking at a prototyping model

ULTEM 9085's high strength-to-weight ratio is ideal for auto, aero and military applications

Functional Rapid Prototyping with 3D Printing

Using 3D printing to develop rapid functional prototypes allows you to:

  • Test performance during the development stage much faster and more affordably than traditional methods
  • Refine and perfect your product so you can move to full production with confidence
  • Prove your designs work before committing to costly production tooling
  • Keep your intellectual property in house

For a wide variety of functional prototyping needs, Stratasys has a 3D printing solution for you. 

Case Studies and Additional Resources

a volvo truck sitting on a construction site

Cut Development Time and Cost

Volvo Construction Equipment used 3D functional prototyping to slash development time and cost by 90%.

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Accelerate Time to Market

Nidek Technologies uses 3D printed functional prototypes to speed time to clinical trials and market readiness.

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a Fender Truck 3D printed part

Put to the Test

Functional prototype fenders made from ULTEM 9085 resin are tested under real-life conditions, on operational trucks.

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