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Advanced Materials for the Aerospace Industry.

Our vast selection of advanced and certified materials created specifically for the aerospace industry give you the speed, flexibility and durability you need to take your program to new heights. From undergoing rigorous testing to meeting stringent certification criteria, our advanced materials are reshaping the aerospace industry.

70 Percent of Rover parts

were built by NASA in a
production-grade Stratasys 3D printer using FDM technology and advanced materials.

“Stratasys additive composite tooling solutions have allowed SSL to respond to design releases and changes with unprecedented speed at significantly reduced cost, without compromising part quality or performance.”

Jude Zils, Technology Manager / Composites Center of Excellence at SSL

Aerospace Material Applications

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Rapid Prototyping

Validate and test your designs faster, so you can optimize them before you have to commit to expensive production tooling. Our fast, reliable 3D printers and broad range of engineering thermoplastics including aerospace-grade materials offer the tools to keep you at the leading edge of the competitive aerospace industry. Read More

3D Printed Composite Tooling Part


Tooling doesn’t need to be cumbersome, expensive and take weeks to produce. Additively manufactured aerospace tooling is lightweight, quickly customizable and can withstand high-pressure autoclave cure cycles. Stratasys FDM technology produces jigs, fixtures and assembly tools in less time and lower cost than conventional tool-making methods. Read More

3D Printed Aerospace Model

Production Parts

Reduce weight and lower part count with additively manufactured production parts. FDM 3D printing technology optimizes material use, lowering buy-to-fly ratios, and consolidates multi-part assemblies to reduce part count. Lightweight production-grade thermoplastics replace metal to lower weight. Read More

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Rapid Iteration for Better Designs

Material capability, fast deployment and ease of use make FDM technology an essential tool for Bell Helicopter’s rapid
prototyping lab.

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Prototyping for the Extreme

The materials used in FDM technology provide the right stuff to make complex prototypes of exploration robots designed to traverse the Mars landscape.

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The Right Stuff for Functional Prototyping

FDM technology gives Dutch UAV maker Aerialtronics the right material options and strength for functional prototyping that speeds design development.

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Rapid Response Tooling

Space Systems Loral uses FDM technology instead of traditional methods to make composite tooling, giving them rapid-response capability for time-sensitive design changes and the demands of shorter customer lead times.

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FDM for Ancillary Tooling

Fast production and ease of customization result in lower costs than traditionally made tools.

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ULA Chooses the Right Tool for the Job

United Launch Alliance relies on additive manufacturing to create a broad range of tools for increased production efficiency.

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A Path to Certified Parts

Stratasys teamed up with aerospace industry partners to streamline the path to certified production parts.

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Half the Design and Build Time

Aurora Flight Sciences used 3D printing to create the worlds first jet-powered UAV and did it in record time.

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Additive Manufacturing Explores the Final Frontier

United Launch Alliance rockets benefit from reduced part count and lighter components thanks to the advantages of additive manufacturing.

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