Auto vent printed in High Temperature to withstand hot-air flow testing.



高温材料在所有 PolyJet 独立材料中具有最高的热变形温度和出色的表面平滑度。高温材料十分坚硬,是制作需要高耐热性的静态部件或热测试部件的理想选择,如管道装置和家用电器。

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Highest Thermal Resistance

High Temperature simulates the thermal performance and strength of engineering plastics. With a heat deflection temperature of 80°C after thermal treatment, High Temperature is ideal for testing static parts and hot-air flow or hot-water flow in pipes and faucets. Combine High Temperature with PolyJet rubber materials to produce varying Shore A values, gray shades and rigid functional materials featuring higher temperature resistance. 


a fire graphic that represents heat

63-67 °C

a chain link graphic that represents strength

14-16 J/m

a chain link graphic that represents strength

110-130 MPa

a hourglass graphic that represents tensile

70-80 MPa

Final Thermos product and a 3D printed model.

Airtight Performance

Thermos Keeps Competitive Edge 3D Printing  Prototypes

Compared to conventional methods, Thermos 3D prints prototypes with more finished features. PolyJet empowers Thermos to make detailed models with a mix of clear and rubber-like features suitable for liquid and gas testing.

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